At Lokken Investment Group, we are always focused on thinking ahead of the curve in the best interest of our clients.

When you’re retired, you’re focused on monitoring your hard-earned assets and ensuring your income stream. You need a trusted financial advisor like the Lokken Investment Group, LLC to help you manage your risk, preserve your wealth and maintain a balanced asset mix. Part of that discovery process is identifying how much risk you are comfortable taking in your portfolio? Take our risk assessment now and see what number you get. Knowing your risk tolerance level is a great first step! We recommend taking it one step further and come in for our complimentary consultation. We’ll take plenty of time with you looking at your risk number, investment expectations and seeing if they are both aligned. We’ll spend quality time discussing how we might best meet your needs.

Our investment planning services for retirees include wealth enhancement and wealth protection. You will receive:

  • Fee-only management of investment portfolios

  • Conservative investment strategies and portfolios based on an adaptive philosophy

  • Comprehensive analysis of all insurance plans

  • Evaluation of retirement, benefits and brokerage plans

  • Cash flow planning for retirement

  • Philanthropy and family-giving advice

We service clients throughout the Coastal Delmarva areas and beyond. They’re invested at the beach. We’re invested in their future.

Discover our SIX-POINT PROCESS Working with clients

Our clients receive our undivided attention and a service commitment aimed at nurturing trust and peace of mind. Our six-point process comprises the following.   

  1. Discover: We spend time with each client to listen and clearly understand what he or she wants his or her investments to accomplish and how much risk one is comfortable taking.

  2. Define: We work with our clients to spell out goals and create a written plan that will serve as a road map.

  3. Design: Our clients receive a customized plan with solutions and action steps to help them achieve their goals. Their investment strategy and portfolio reflect their specific objectives, tax sensitivity and risk profile.

  4. Implement: We administer an investment strategy and a portfolio.

  5. Monitor: We monitor your account on a continuous basis and keep you updated on your progress. Market conditions change, and adjustments are likely needed.

  6. Communicate: You receive a written portfolio performance report on a regular basis. We encourage frequent communication with our clients, and we recommend meeting in person on a regular basis to discuss portfolio performance, evaluate market conditions and recommend needed adjustments.


Do you know how much risk is in your portfolio?



A service commitment built on integrity, trust and respect to give you greater peace of mind

Lokken Investment Group, LLC provides wealth management solutions to savvy retirees who want to work with an experienced, fee-only financial advisor at an independent firm. We work with our clients to help them make rationale and prudent decisions. At all times, while acting in the best interest of our clients, we strive to achieve the best investment performance we can within a given client’s risk profile. Because we build portfolios based on deep research and conservative strategies, we confidently stand behind our decisions.

Our goals, after all, are your peace of mind and financial security. When you work with us, we strive to:

  • Disclose all fees, costs and any potential conflicts of interest

  • Monitor economic and market conditions continuously, and evaluate how they are affecting your account

  • Recommend and implement changes in your investments in response to market conditions

  • Report performance to you at least quarterly, with additional updates as market events dictate or upon client request

  • Make ourselves available to meet with you in person or on the phone as often as required to ensure you are comfortable with our investment strategies and the direction we provide for your account

  • Address all service issues and other questions in a prompt manner

Behavioral finance and hands-on experience have taught us that how one reacts emotionally to financial decisions is just as important as having a sound understanding of the math. Specifically, how one deals with stress — down markets, investment losses, market volatility, etc. — has a dramatic impact on one’s long-term investment experience. Through our service commitment, we hope to simplify the process and make it easier for you to understand your financial strategies and be confident in your future.


our values

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We’re a local financial investment firm that’s client-focused and research-driven, always following a stringent code of ethics.

Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind regarding your wealth. We do that by creating and managing custom investment portfolios that reflect each client’s financial goals and appropriate investment strategies.

We care about our clients and understand that financial events and investment news can often be confusing and intimidating. That’s why we have built a practice on solid industry knowledge and a code of ethics comprising high standards of business conduct.

In addition, we value these attributes.

Independence. As an independent practice, we focus on finding the investment solutions best suited for our clients. We can control our resources in the best interest of our clients. Our clients are our only constituency.

Experience. It matters. Since 1997, the Lokken Investment Group team has been handling client investments in both "Bull" and "Bear" markets. Our Managing Principal draws on his knowledge and experience from three decades in the industry.

Strategy. Market conditions change rapidly in today’s financial world. Yesterday’s strategies are often inappropriate for the opportunities of tomorrow. Lokken Investment Group is focused on thinking ahead of the curve.

Understanding and advocacy. Who is looking out for your best interests? At Lokken Investment Group, LLC we will always put your interests ahead of all else. We are your advocate in the world of finance and investments.

At the heart of our work is also ongoing communication.

We care about our clients and understand that financial events and investment news can often be confusing and intimidating. We will answer all your questions and concerns with patience and plain language. After all, it is your money we manage, and we want you to be comfortable with our process. Want to learn more? Call (302) 645-6650 or email us now.


All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment plan or strategy will be successful.